Have you shopped your own closet?

shop-closet-smallI enjoy shopping and have too much stuff. So when I am tempted to shop more, I ask myself,

  • Have you shopped your own closet?

It’s a wonderful reminder to tap into my existing resources.

If I were a decorator, I’d be a RE-decorator. I’d be one of those people who help others repurpose what they already have to create beauty in their homes. Of course, I’d miss out on those wonderful commissions on new furniture and decor items, but the satisfaction would be great. I feel it when I transform my own home without spending a dime.

Shopping your own closet can be a metaphor for any approach to using existing resources. I asked Angela to help me get started on a proposal. She shopped my closet – things I wrote before – and reminded me of what I already have.

Here’s another kind of personal closet shopping. My eye doctor told me I had dry eyes, so I shopped my own closet of ways to address dryness – not just in my eyes, but system-wide. Not only are my eyes moist again, but my moods, which had been volatile, are steady and sweet, too. I had everything I needed to find balance.

Before you go out, go in and see what resources you have. Ask yourself:

  • Have you shopped your own closet?

Of course, it helps if your closet is in order. Some of us are too busy shopping the stores to take the time to organize our own closets (metaphorical and otherwise) to be shopable.  

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