Create an experience

peacockSteve Jobs was a master at it. Little London Bakery does it. I did it yesterday. It’s essential for effective communication skills.

What am I referring to?

Giving an experience. 

Jobs’ presentations were events. Powerful, emotional and tangible events.

Cake tasting at Little London was a happening. A delicious, compelling happening.

How do you like the picture of the peacock cupcake? It conveys an experience, don’t you think?

And yesterday I had my assistant up to immerse her in the color and design and festive feel of an event she is helping me plan. I had told her how plans had evolved, but she needed an experience. I created one for her.

Stories create an experience. Sharing your own experience from the heart creates an experience. Sounds, pictures, taste, touch and smell create experiences. Involvement deepens experience. The right words can invite involvement and promote experience.

One event planner I’m working with created an experience by walking through the site with me, displaying some sample decorative pieces. It made her ideas more tangible. 

She has yet to give an experience of the menu. It’s a bunch of names of foods without pictures or descriptions. She missed an opportunity there, but the converstion isn’t over yet. 

Sometimes Speaking Strong is about giving experiences. Other times, it’s asking for them. I did. I asked for specifics. I’m sure she won’t disappoint. 

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