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Yay! We got married!

Newsletter morphing

Two new books were born

Executive Admin Training

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Yay! We got married

Wedding cake

It’s true. After 16 years, Bob Rose and I formally tied the knot. And I now have a new name – one with a Rose in it. I haven’t decided what my legal name will be yet. Have you been through this? What worked, didn’t work? I have one friend who changed her whole name when she married.

Please share your experience.

It was wonderful. It is wonderful. And getting married eloquently is one of the things that kept me busy.

Creating this glorious event was a real testament to how much easier collaborative communication skills make planning anything, and how much more satisfying the outcome can be. Bob and I have been going from me’s to we’s for 16 years, but making it formal was hugely engaging, rewarding and delightful.



My marital status isn’t the only thing that morphed

My marital status isn’t the only thing that morphed As some of you know, I’ve been writing this newsletter for 12 years now. We’re at #406. I started a blog some six years ago. Newsletters take quite a bit of time to prepare. That’s why I dropped off in my broadcasts. They also take quite a bit of time to read. So it just makes sense to me to shift the focus of the newsletter to announcements and news, and use the blog for the tips and teachings.

The good news is you can subscribe to my blog and receive the posts via feed or email. The posts tend to be short and easy to read. So visit my blog and fill in your email in the right column where it says to subscribe via email.

I’d love to keep the conversation going, and I post far more often than I send out newsletters.

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Two new SpeakStrong babies – Phrase books

I have two new books out.

One is Perfect Phrases for Icebreakers with Diane Windingland. The other is Perfect Phrases for Virtual Teamwork with Lynda McDermott. They are very different and you’ll love them both! Icebreaker Phrase Book

The icebreaker book has conversation starters for new acquaintances as well as openers for meetings, tough conversations and events.

The virtual teamwork book really will help you get and stay aligned and collaborate with people you work with through technology. It’s a great guide for any kind of team formation, with the added benefit of how to handle the kinds of things that happen when you work remotely.

So take advantage of all my hard writing work and get the phrases for your job and lfe.

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Executive Admin Training

Executive Admin TrainingI’m preparing for Executive Admin training in Dallas next week. If any of you are really flexible, there’s still room to attend. It will be a very dynamic group of professionals.

Don’t worry – we’re in the process of scheduling another one for the fall, either in Boston or Vegas – or – who knows – perhaps both! But if you have an inkling to come, here’s your info.

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Lots of posts – tips and questions and answers and even some details about my wedding on my blog

Focus can be hard! I’m so tempted to summarize my favorite blog posts here. But it makes more sense to stay on point here. I will leave you with an invitation to dialog with me on my blog.

Until next time – keep on speaking strong!

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