Ego Alert: Share, don’t steal, the joy of discovery

magic_eyeWhen I coach people over time, they often will communicate an observation or insight that I’ve made many times as if they just discovered it. It can be tempting for me to say, 

  • That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all along!

Even if I’ve been pointing at something for months or even years, the fact is, they just discovered it.

For example, when someone sees the embedded images in a magic eye illustration for the first time, it’s a new discovery for them. It doesn’t matter if others have seen them for a long time. 

Discovery can be very exciting, so when someone makes a discovery, don’t let your ego usurp the delight by pointing out that they are only now seeing something you’ve known all along. Share the joy of the discovery without concerning yourself about where it came from.

Here’s another twist. If they don’t recognize your role in a discovery, it could be a sign of your skill. Great communication plants seeds that lead others to draw their own conclusions. Remember that, so when your ego wants to say, "well duh," you can tell it, 

  • We guided that process with grace and skill. We made it about them and not us. Let’s give ourselves a secret pat on the back for that, while we share their delight. 

Do you see the heart embedded in the rose illustration above? It’s there. If you’ve developed your magic eye, you know that joy of discovery already. If you haven’t, you’ve got a treat in store for  you. Have a delightful time with it!

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