YOU are free to decide what success is

dreamI dreamed the other night that I was supporting an Executive Admin at a conference and helping her get the most out of the multi-faceted event. At one point I addressed a large group that was studying to pose the question,

  • Who decides what success is for you? 

They replied in unison, “We do!” We all cheered, and I went on my way back to the woman I was supporting.

We’ve all heard it before—and yet the news gradually sinks in at a deeper and deeper level. So does the awareness of ways we kowtow to other people’s definitions. You may not live—or aspire to live—everyone else’s dream. The question that matters is: do you live, and aspire to live your own? Are you striving toward a vision of your own design?

Of course it helps to know how others define success—especially if they employ us. But sometimes my proudest moments have been times when I failed in the eyes of others. That’s when being free to decide what success is matters most.

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