Singing your own song – Taylor Swift

TaylorSwift60 Minutes did a special on recording artist Taylor Swift this week, and it would be hard not to be impressed. At the Billboard awards, Kris Kristofferson introduced her by saying “It’s hard to find something to say about Taylor Swift that she hasn’t already said in one of her songs.” Speaking her truth works for her—plus she knows how to turn a mean situation into a positive by writing yet another hit song about it. She gets what it means to see all criticism as a source of creativity. 

I wonder how different my generation would be if we had grown up listening to Taylor’s music. She models authenticity in a way one rarely sees or hears.

One hesitation. Her music is finely crafted and her shows are extravagantly produced. After watching Taylor Swift in action—at age 22—it’s easy to discount your own song. 

I recently dreamed that I was creating a rap song in front of a live audience. It wasn’t amazing, but it was pretty darn good. And it was mine. And yours is yours. So enjoy Taylor and then sing your own song.

And recruit your friends to help you. My friend told me today that a friend is someone who knows your song, and sings it back to you when you forget it. I have a few of those. Do you?

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