Waldo canyon fire update: emergency communication theme

catThe Waldo Canyon Fire rages on. Fortunately for us (and them), the friends we’re staying with have not been evacuated, so we’re sitting comfortably as we await the fate of our home, community and city. 

When we got our first evacuation warning, it didn’t seem real. We felt pretty sure we’d be back home in a day or two. Now we know we were overly optimistic, and it is likely to be several more days before we can return, if our home survives. 

Yesterday, when the family we’re staying with faced the possibility of being evacuated, the best theme for thinking, communicating and preparing came to mind. Prepare for the worst. Anticipate the best. The husband wasn’t being negative to consider the worst case scenario. I wish we had that mindset when we packed. There are some things we would have brought if we had. Anticipate the best. It’s not denial to maintain a positive attitude. 

That mindset guided the conversations during preparation. Framing the choices as preparing for the worst case scenario while we anticipated the best case created a practical focus without stirring up an emotional frenzy. 

Having a practical focus is key. My friends and I find that our husbands in particular need to take action in crisis times. Once they knew they had done all they could to prepare, they were able to wait with relative calm. 

One of our family members adjusted perfectly. Sorry for the poor photo lighting. Cindi, the cat, felt at home in a micro-second. She staked out this shelf in the closet as one of her favored sleeping spots. Such ease! Maybe she knows something we don’t!

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