A Cascadian View of the Pyramid Mountain, Waldo Canyon Fire

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e.Cascade Co wildfire damages burnout

The Pyramid Mountain and Waldo Canyon Wildfire touched the entire Colorado Springs community and beyond. Some lost everything. Others lost nothing, yet find themselves transformed. My husband and I ae n the second group. 

We all have stories. This section of my SpeakStrong Website is Bob and my story. It’s one of 1,153 Cascadian journies through the experience of the fire. It’s one of the hundreds of thousands of views across the county, state, country and beyond. May our journey deepen yours. 

Click on through. Post comments about your own experience of the Waldo Canyon Fire journey. I will be revising and updating this tale, but I post it now because there is too much to say. When words fail us, the pictures fill the gaps. 

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