Camping Out in Erie

To experience Meryl Runion Rose’s Cascadian pictorial chronicle of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire from the beginning, click here. To continue, click next below. 

Bob and Somi 2

In Erie, we had seven people and six cats in a three bedroom house. We felt right at home. Somi, our step-granddaughter, offered us animals to sleep with. Bob took a pig and I took a bear. Of course we were also sleeping with our cat. 

It was great to connect with family there, and a special relief to be somewhere where life wasn’t defined by the fire. On the other hand, the Denver news stations cut the briefing coverage off exactly when they got interesting to us – like what was happening in Cascade. We streamed the news conferences so we could get the entire briefings.

We went to The ARC Thrift Store to get a bathing suit so we could go to Water World in Denver. (My idea of a great time in 100 degree dry heat.) Somi wanted a new toy. She had to pick an old toy to give up in order to get a new one. She thought for a moment about what to sacrifice and postulated…”Bob and Meryl?”

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