Woodland Park is Evacuated. We Head North

To experience Meryl Runion Rose’s Cascadian pictorial chronicle of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire from the beginning, click here. To continue, click next below. 

Highway 67

I was on the phone with a friend Wednesday when we got the Woodland Park evacuation call. Our step-daughter had invited us to stay with her family in Erie Colorado. We drove through the Hayman fire-damaged roads. We were greeted with blessed rains on the drive. Just a few days before, the Trout Creek Fire had flared up close to that highway. The Woodland Park Firefighters had been putting out several arson fires daily before the Waldo Canyon Fire. 

People assume the roads were packed, but they weren’t. They evacuated Woodland Park section by section. We were the first to go.

The cat was okay with it all but I should have showed her where her box was before we left. Oh well… it doesn’t smell that bad. 

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