PowerPhrase: Thanks for Receiving So Well

I laughed out loud with appreciation both times Jennifer James concluded an awesome massage by saying,

  • Thanks so much for receiving so well.

It sounded backwards in ways, and yet receiving the magnificence of who someone is and how they do what they do is a gift. I was grateful that she had noticed and said something. 

I had tried a couple of massage therapists who offered Living Social specials. Both were technically skilled, but both commented on tightness in my shoulders as if I’m a bundle of stress. Both missed my ability to receive and relax deeply. They saw trees and missed the forest.

Of course this is a business transaction. I pay her for her time, energy and skills. But there is so much more to providing services, and especially services as personal as massage, than business. 

Sometimes I end my training sessions by thanking my audiences. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Jennifer calls her practice “Mother Bear Massage Therapy”. She’s half my age, but I’m happy to let her be my mother bear for a little while. 

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