The Cascade Volunteer Fire Department

To experience Meryl Runion Rose’s Cascadian pictorial chronicle of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire from the beginning, click here

cascade volunteer fire department photo 600

They didn’t do it alone. Still, I honesty believe that without the skill, courage and hard work of these eight men and the seven other fire-fighters who didn’t make this picture, I would not be sitting in my home today.  

Donations to the Cascade Volunteer Fire Department are graciously accepted and can be made directly to CVFD, PO BOX 366, CASCADE, CO 80809. I asked how donations would be allocated. They told me, 

“All donations to the Cascade Volunteer Fire Department will be used to replenish supplies/equipment and add new capability. We desperately need a new type 6 pumper to replace our obsolete 1810 engine. All CVFD firefighters share this common goal. Contributions will help us achieve this goal sooner. As far as personal hardship; the honor of serving in this capacity exceeds any personal hardship.”

I remain in awe. 

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