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I found that no matter how useful information about how to succeed in the world is, there is always something that isn’t a fit and either turns me off too much to try or overwhelms me when I do. This is my life. Your life is your own. We are unique. Speaking Strong is about saying what you mean and meaning what you say without being mean when you say it. That practice and the philosophy behind it leads to a different, more essential way of living. That includes career planning and goal setting. This webinar will help you find success principles you can live by. 

Free Webinar:    

Friday, July 20, 11 AM Mountain Time 10 AM Pacific, Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern.

Opportunitynowhere is in the eye of the beholder 

When you look at the term opportunitynowhere, what do you see? Most people read it as opportunity NO where. But it can just as easily be opportunity NOW here. It’s a small shift in perception that makes a big difference. Your opportunities aren’t all out there somewhere. They’re closer than you know. This free success webinar tells you where to look.

Find the OpportunityNowHere

If you make that shift in perception, you can grow your success level and your career in ways you never imagined before, because you were looking in the wrong place. Plus, you’ll learn how to plant Serendipity Seeds that will create opportunities that are ripe for your picking. This free success webinar will teach you about how to work with serendipity.

Don’t be fooled: Success Goals for the Rest of Us

The success industry is full of speakers and authors telling us how they accomplished spectacular results through single-minded focus and drive. When you dig a little deeper, (and sometimes it doesn’t have to be very deep at all) you realize many never stopped to count the bodies on their way to their own greatness. If you consider their achievements in the light of their whole life, you might discover their definition of success doesn’t work for you and never did. Even if they are indeed worthy of your adulation, you are not them. You might discover they had circumstances, success factors or situations that aren’t available to you. This free success webinar will help you take what works from success industry leaders, leave the rest and tap into the resources that ARE available to you. 

Don’t be overwhelmed: Success Skills for the Rest of Us

The linear path to success has its place. Research shows that people with written goals and a means to achieve them accomplish the most—at least in terms of income. But experience reveals that in this dynamic world, goals best serve as guiding principles while you pay careful attention to on-the-ground reality. And since many of us are working in industries that didn’t exist when we started down our career paths, it’s clear that adaptability needs to be married to planning in order to unfold our individual greatness. This free success webinar gives you overlooked success factors to balance plans with spontaneous opportunities. 


Put the Comparison Monster in it’s Place and Unfold Who YOU Are, Your Own Way

Have you ever attended a success skill or empowerment event and come home deflated and overwhelmed? Have you ever wondered what was wrong with you because the simple success formula they gave you just didn’t seem as easy for you, you weren’t able to force yourself to do it, or you didn’t know how to translate their good advice to your own situation? Have you ever thought you were doing fine until you got hooked into the Comparison Monster, telling you that who you are and what you’ve achieved is small potatoes? This free success webinar shows you how to use comparison as a positive, inspirational success tool to unfold who you are your own way. 


In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Become an OPPORTUNIST in the best sense of the word
  • Outgrow defeating habits and become more of who you are
  • Create career plans that allow for and invite serendipity
  • Iterate your way to a routine that serves instead of stifles you
  • Use the magnetic power of picturing perfection without slipping into perfectionism
  • Discover hidden career opportunities all around you
  • Leverage what you love and put your heart into your work
  • Turn a sinking feeling into a clue of where your opportunities lie
  • Turn your failures and shortcomings into sources of opportunities
  • Develop your career organically
  • Align your career path and ambitions with the interests of your executive, manager, boss and organization

This is a Lean and Kata-based Approach to Personal Excellence

If you’re in the lean, kata and excellence industries, you’ll find this approach to your own personal excellence to be aligned with your thinking, experience and lean practice. If you lead a team that is lean and kata-based, I invite you to share this free webinar with everyone. 

This Free Webinar will be of particular interest to Executive Administrative Assistants

If you read about this free webinar in Office Pro Magazine and like what you learned, this is your next step. The information about success in this free webinar will help you support your boss while you craft a career that is a perfect fit for you. Plus, the subject matter is designed to quality for IAAP recertification. 


  • Executive Overview Document (link emailed prior to session)
  • PDF of slides (link emailed prior to session)
  • Preparatory assessments (link emailed prior to session)
  • VOIP and dial-in audio 


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