My Waldo Fire Chronicles: Pictures and Tales from Cascade CO

pathYesterday I returned a movie to The Cascade Public Library and was struck by how busy it was. The librarian told me one group was playing cards and the other was learning about fire. It sounded like something I would want to hear, so I sat myself down to listen.

An adult led a group of local children in a conversation about their experience of The Waldo Canyon Fire. Her first question was – tell as about when you first heard about the fire. It was healing, heartwarming and fascinating to hear their responses. The next focus was an activity where the children drew a fire-related image. I left at that point since it’s hard to eaves-drop on art in the making.

I thought – this isn’t something just the kids in the community need – we all do! 

But I kind of did that already. I created my own Cascade Chronicles which both tell the story of the Waldo Canyon Fire as it unfolded for me and my husband. People tell me they find it stunnning. It’s one story among many, and they all need to be told. 

Something happened to me, to us. We’re different now. This was my best way to communicate what I and we went through. Words aren’t always the best way to say things. 

Please join my personal chronicles of the Waldo Canyon, Pyramid Mountain, Colorado Springs fire.  Click on through to share the experience of before, during and after. 

Wishing you wholeness,

Meryl Runion Rose

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