burn-area-smThere’s an interesting piece on Science Friday tonight about resilience. Why do some of us bounce back and others struggle after a disruptive event—like having your stomping grounds on fire? Or people who were in the building on 9/11?

I found it particularly interesting to hear what he said about disruption being less for those who have the belief that everything teaches you something. I don’t consider that a belief as much as I do an experience and/or a choice. But I liked his point anyway.

The thing that I notice is that the more soul-based and less event-based we are, the less disruptive events seem. The soul can do its thing in any environment. In fact, sometimes the disruption quickens the soul unfoldment. From a soul perspective, it’s not about bouncing back because it wasn’t inconvenienced. Now, our recent adventure did wreak havoc on our to do lists. But that’s a whole different story.

Well, it will be a long, long time before our mountains will heal their scars from the burn. But there is some beauty there even now. And rainbows always bring a sense of grace. Thanks to our local volunteer fire department for posting these picture, since we’re not allowed back there yet. 

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