McCartney – the “Polite Perfectionist,” and Grace

McCartneyI love it when I learn about celebrities expressing grace and kindness, not self-importance and arrogance. That’s the main point of an article by Colorado Springs Journalist David Ramsey called “Following the Voice of Paul McCartney.” Ramsey happened on McCartney’s Olympic performance sound-check and had a grand old time. No rankism there! 

I recently had a dream about Paul McCartney that was very similar to David Ramsay’s experience. I happened across him, joined in the music, and left inspired and elevated. When I woke, I asked myself what qualities my dream Paul embodies that I admire, embody and/or aspire toward. They are: naturalness, creativity, playfulness, joy, kindness and grace. And like Ramsey with the real Paul McCartney and me with the dream version, I aspire to leave others feeling inspired after having met me. That dream provided an image I use to guide my efforts to be my very best self moment to moment. (Please note, I don’t assume Sir Paul is “perfect.”

Have you had any graceful celebrity sightings that are worth mention? And celebrity can mean anything—it doesn’t have to be someone we’ve all heard of. It could be someone a few levels up in your organization. (For me, it includes our local firefighters who helped save our community from fire.) How does that sighting help you in your personal continuous improvement efforts? Please comment. Thanks!

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