The Authenticity of Open Iteration

Most thought leaders will only share their thinking once they’ve polished their ideas. The discovery and learning process happens behind the scenes, and their readers see their ta-das without any sense of what it took to get to the level of clarity they express.

Mike Rother “iterates openly.” He posts SlideShares for discussion and doesn’t concern himself with getting it perfect before he lets people in on what he’s doing. That engenders idea-sharing and collaboration.

Today I offered him feedback on a SlideShare he posted for discussion. He added my slides as a counterpoint to his presentation. It has evoked some very useful discussion.

My slides are the last seven. I will say for myself, that formulating them was useful for my own understanding and presentation. I expect a standalone presentation on my SlideShare will result from this.

In the meantime, enjoy Mike’s presentation and my add at the end. I love working this way – sharing ideas on a dynamic journey of discovery.

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