A Beyond-Busy tale and webinar recording

In my How to Communicate in a Beyond-Busy World webinar, I talked about the need to go and see and walk in the shoes of others to see the world they live and work in. So when Kay didn’t show up as promised this week, I visited her. She had flash flooding. Watched a 15 foot wall of water filled with black ash from the fire turn her driveway and road into a river and then a sand gulch. Saw a four horse trailer float by. Logs and boulders were dropped in her yard. Okay. I get it. She’s been a little bit busy. She gets a pass. 

There are times to assert and times to give people a pass, and it’s always a good thing to understand how busy-ness might be influencing the way people communicate or don’t these days. 

Here is the recording of the webinar. You can also download the slides and handouts here

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