Free Webinar: How to Give Great Feedback

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Title: How to Give Great Feedback

Description: Imagine a GPS system designed to give feedback to super-sensitive people. What would it say when you take a wrong turn? What does that teach you about feedback in general and at work in specific?

 We’ll expand on lessons from a GPS for sensitive people into a very practical and useful set of tips and techniques to be able to give feedback people can hear.

  • Learn six phrases to help you shift feedback into feed-forward
  • The top five qualities of effective feedback
  • How you can flip feedback into feed-forward to use the power of pull communication over the pressure of push
  • When to guide and when to let people find their own way
  • How to shift the focus from right and wrong to opportunities and possibilities
  • One attitude shift you can make that will guide your words to be more effective

and much more.

Webinar slides are below:
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Download webinar slides here.

Webinar recording is here.


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