August 08, 2012 Free Feed-Forward Webinar

What can a GPS for sensitive people teach us about feedback? Quite a bit, actually. We got some great input from my request for phrases for a GPS designed to avoid stepping on people’s self-esteem issues and help them move forward. And while actually creating a GPS like that might be pandering, the phrases offered give insight into qualities of effective feedback that can help us give awesome feedback ourselves.

Have a chuckle and vote for your favorites at: 

Use any criteria you like. If you will, share what you liked in particular about the phrases you chose. The winner gets $100 in SpeakStrong products. So vote early and often. You also can still contribute ideas on my blog at: . You have until Monday evening, August 15th to submit your phrases.

Late entries can still win, but the sooner you get yours in, the sooner I’ll add them to the list and the greater your chances. I’ll announce the winning phrase at my How to Give Awesome, Effective Feedback Webinar Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 15th: How to Give Awesome, Effective Feedback Webinar

11:00 am MDT – check your time zone. That’s mountain daylight. This is a slide preview. Or you can go straight to the registration page. 

Find out how to give feedback people can hear. Plus, how you can flip feedback into feed-forward to use the power of pull communication over the pressure of push. We’ll expand on lessons from a GPS for sensitive people into a very practical and useful set of tips and techniques to be able to give feedback people can hear.

  • Learn six phrases to help you shift feedback into feed-forward
  • The top five qualities of effective feedback
  • How to flip feedback into feed-forward and leverage the power of pull communication over the pressure of push
  • When to coach and when to let people find their own way
  • How to shift the focus from right and wrong to opportunities and possibilities

and much more.

Register now. 

The Beyond-Busy Webinar is posted

Click below to view the slides and/or the replay. Here’s one comment: “It was a great use of my time” Webinar participant 

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