The Magic of Awe

Today was the first day in many weeks that helicopters haven’t been circling our mountains from dawn until dusk. They’ve been rehabilitating the Waldo Canyon burn area by dropping tons of mulch from the air. It’s a good thing – a very good thing – but I’m glad it seems to be complete. I’ve missed my hikes. I’ve really missed my hikes. That’s a part of what keeps me whole.

Tonight I went. Tonight I was reminded of how important my hikes are to my well-being. There is a strange beauty to the way the trails are regenerating. Most of the terrain is black. The burned trees are black sticks coming out of the ground. Then there is new growth – a lovely emerald green – sprouting here and there. Most of the burned trees are surrounded by it.

The sunset was stunning. I saw a bear and decided to turn back and walk the other way. Some deer passed in front of me. I felt awe.

It’s hard to do life without awe. We need regular doses of awe to bring our daily routines to life. I got a great dose of awe tonight.

What fills you with awe? What takes you outside of yourself and makes all your troubles seem small? What fills you with wonder? (That’s a real question – I invite you to share.)

Are you getting enough awe to keep you whole?

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