What does it mean to be a friend to yourself?

Sharon’s friend sent out a request before her 40th birthday asking what advice people had for her as she entered the next decade. Sharon said learning to be a friend to herself was a wonderful shift she made in her 40s.

I thought Sharon’s friend’s request was excellent, and so was Sharon’s reply. I do wish I had thought to ask her what being a friend to herself means to her. I didn’t, so I’ll ask you. What does being a friend to yourself mean to you?

I’ll go first. To me it means taking care of yourself – eating nourishing food when hungry, resting when tired and moving your body enough to keep toned. I think it means seeing your own goodness, even when you let yourself down. I think it means listening to yourself, even when you’re not quite making sense. And I think it means appreciating and enjoying your own company.

That’s some of what being your own friend means to me. What does it mean to you?

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