Feedback about feedback among friends

I just had a lovely conversation with a friend who had given me feedback I found disheartening. 

I don’t want fluffy feedback that’s all praise and no content. On the other hand, I do like to think that, despite the flaws and limitations, work that is the expression of my latest wisdom evokes more than red pen corrections. 

My friend missed the point of my creation (although she did catch a lot of legitimate flaws. Her feedback was useful.) Happily, she didn’t miss the point of my feedback on her feedback. I want us to move forward and to continue sharing ideas, and when I found myself hesitating to share something with her, I knew we needed to talk.

And we did. It’s a good friend you can do that with. That’s what I call SpeakingStrong in collaboration from The Synergy Center. Or, feedback about feedback among friends.

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