Synergy Center PowerPhrase: How About Them Broncos?

powerphrase icon2My Synergy Session with Ed was a Bronco Sandwich today. Last night the Broncos were behind 0-24 at half-time. The final score was 35-24. That’s exciting for Bronco fans, and Ed is a Bronco fan. I knew it would be a source of pleasure for him, and I like tapping into people’s joys. So I opened by saying,

  • How about them Broncos?

Ed appreciated the mention. It was a nice opening to our time together.

I raised the Broncos again at the end. It was a nice ending to our time together.

Where’s you heart? Where’s the heart of people you engage with? What can you say to give them the opportunity to talk about what’s in their hearts? 

Of course, if you talk to a Charger’s fan today,  a Charger Sandwich will have a very different tone than my Bronco Sandwich did. It still might be a good on-ramp for a shared discussion. Caution – this might be tricky if you’re a Broncos’ fan yourself.

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