It’s not easy being me – but it beats the alternatives

Meryl Road 100I’ve never been one to take everything at face-value, but I learned to pretend I did. I’ve also never been a power babe, but I learned how to simulate one. For many years my questions were below the surface, and my quest was invisible. For many years more, my questions surfaced and my quest was impassioned. There are ages and stages to life, and at different times we focus on different areas of growth. The bigger story is: life is a process of becoming our biggest selves. Life is a process of becoming whole. Your journey might not look the same as mine, but it’s pretty certain that’s what you’ve been doing, too, on one level or another.

Like everyone, I have my unique take on life. Unlike everyone, I feel compelled to strive to live that. Sometimes people ask why I can’t “leave well enough alone.” When I’m in the process of trying to understand something that wants to emerge – why someone else’s three-step-plan doesn’t work for me – why someone’s “I’m fine” didn’t ring true – or why something that everyone else embraces triggers bells and whistles in my gut – I wonder, too. When I get the “ah ha” that lets me be me, I’m glad I am who I am. Idiosyncrasies and all.

It’s not easy being me, but it beats the alternatives. It’s probably not easy being you either, but no one else can do it like you can.

My administrative excellence online training is an inside-out approach that guides you in making your job your own. 

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