It’s productive to go where the energy (and synergy) is

Meryl road 200When I told Michelle Mondragon I wanted to do another photo shoot, she said while she was willing to do some indoor lighted shots, her specialty is in natural lighting and nature settings. It was cold outside the morning she came, and the indoor shots took most of our time. Yet somehow, even though I only have a few outdoor shots to choose from, those are decidedly the best. 

I try to listen closely when people tell me where their heart is, because that’s where they do their best work. If I had this shoot to do over again, I would start outside and leave inside for leftovers. I’d go where her energy is because that’s where she does her best work. 

It’s like that for all of us. Sure there are times where stretching is the way to go. But stretching needs to come from a foundation of self-knowledge of where our gifts are. 

We’ll talk about how to balance our unique gifts with what others want (or think they want) from us at the Online Admin Training Camp. Admins create that balance every day. 

(Michelle Mondragon is the photographer who shot the photos for The Legend of Mighty Mouth.)


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