The Secret and Often Invisible Power of Assistants and Support Staff

I spent the day yesterday with two wise friends. One is mature and articulate. The other is young and receptive. I heard my mature friend share her wisdom in ways I never have before. Her light was shining.

I also became aware of my young friend’s remarkable ability to draw out other people’s light. That gift is easier to miss than the articulate wisdom of my older guest. On the surface, the articulate woman was the powerful one. In the light of it all, both shared their power.

I like working with assistants because they work on a level that is often invisible. The old song about “The WInd Beneath My Wings” is a great metaphor for one aspect of assistant genius. It’s a special kind of power, that, when made conscious, can be used deliberately and skillfully for an effective outcome. When made conscious, it also can be a chosen mode of operating rather than default. I loved observing the receptivity of my younger friend and also enjoyed our time alone where she shared more of her own wisdom directly. 

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