A Sophisticated Vocabulary of Feelings

When you embark on an important conversation, do you know how you feel? Most people don’t. When I ask what they feel, most people will share an opinion. There’s power in the language of feelings. Find the words to describe how you feel, and you are far more likely to make a powerful point.Learn how to use your communication words in:How to Use PowerPhrases


Emotional Words

abandoned abominable absent-minded absorbed abused accepted accepting accused aching acrimonious admired admiration admonished adored adrift affectionate affected afflicted afraid aggravated aggressive aghast agitated agonized alarmed alert alienated alive alone aloof alluring amazed ambushed amused anguish angry animated annoyed antagonistic anxious apathetic appalled apprehensive apologetic appreciated appreciative apprehensive aroused a sense of loss ashamed astonished attacked attractive attracted audacious avid aware awed awestruck awkward

bad baffled bashful beaten down belittled benevolent berated betrayed bewildered bitter blamed blessed blue bold bored bothered brave bright broken bummed burdened burned-out

calm capable carefree careless caring cautious censored centered certain challenged charmed cheated cheerful cheerless cherished chicken childish clean clear clever close closed clouded clueless clumsy cold comfortable committed compassionate competent competitive complacent complete concerned condemned confident confused considerate contemplative contempt content controlled convicted cornered courageous cowardly cranky crazy cross crushed curious

daring dark dashed dazed dead deceived dedicated defeated defenseless defensive defiant degraded dejected delicate delighted demoralized dependent depressed deprived deserted desired despair desperate despicable destroyed detached determined devastated devious devoted different difficult dirty disappointed disbelieving discarded disconnected disconsolate discontent discouraged disgraced disgusted disheartened dishonest disillusioned dismal dismayed disobedient disorganized disposable distant distracted distressed disturbed divided doubtful downcast downhearted drained drawn dreary
dropped dubious dull dumb dynamic

eager earnest easy ecstatic edgy effective embarrassed empathetic empty elated empty enchanted encouraged energetic energized elated enlightened enraged enriched entertained enthusiastic envious evasive evil exasperated excited excluded exhausted exhilarated expectant exploited exposed exuberant

fainthearted faithful fake fantastic fascinated fatigued fearful fearless feisty festive fidgety fine flat flustered foolish forced forgiven forgiving forgotten fortunate fragmented framed frantic free friendly frightened frisky frustrated fulfilled full funny furious gallant

generous gentle giving grieved grieving glorious good grateful great glad gloomy grouchy grumpy guarded guilty gullible

handicapped hapless happy hardy hateful haunted healthy heard heartbroken heavy-hearted helpful helpless heroic hesitant honored hopeful hopeless horrible horrified hostile hospitable hostile humble humiliated hurt hysterical

idealistic idiotic ignorant ignored ill at ease imaginative immune impatient impelled imperfect impertinent important impressed impulsive inadequate inattentive incapable incensed incompetent incomplete incredulous indebted indecisive independent indifferent indignant industrious inept inferior inflamed inflated informed infuriated inhibited injured innocent innovative inquisitive insane insecure insensitive insignificant isolated insulted intense interested interrogated interrupted intimidated intimate intrigued irate insecure insensitive inspired insulting invigorated invisible involved irrational irresponsible irritated irked

jaded jealous jinxed jolly jovial joyful jubilant judged judgmental jumpy just justified joyless joyous jubilant

kidded kind knowledgeable

late lazy leery left out let down liable liberated lifeless light-hearted liked listened (to) livid logical lonely loose lost lousy lovable love loved loving low lucky

mad manipulated mean meditative melancholy menaced merry mischievous miserable misgiving misinterpreted mistreated misunderstood mixed up mocked modest molested moody motivated moved mournful mystified

naive nasty needed needy negative neglected nervous neutral neurotic nonchalant nostalgic nosy noticed numb

obeyed obligated obvious odd offended old open oppressed optimistic ornery out of control outraged overcome overjoyed overloaded overwhelmed overworked owned

pained pampered panic panicked paralyzed passionate passive patient peaceful peeved pensive perky perplexed persecuted pessimistic pestered petrified petty phony pious piteous pitiful playful pleasant pleased poor possessive positive powerful powerless practical preoccupied pressured private productive protected protective proud provocative provoked prudish punished pushy puzzled

questioned quiet quaking queasy

rambunctious reassured realistic rebellious reborn re-enforced receptive reckless recognized reconciled reflective refreshed regretful rejected rejuvenated relaxed released relieved reluctant reminiscent remorse renewed replaced replenished repressed rescued resentful reserved resistant restless resourceful respected responsible restricted revengeful revitalized rich ridiculous right rigid robbed romantic rotten rueful rushed

sabotaged sad safe sassy satisfied saved scared scolded scorned secure seductive self-assured self-centered self-confident self-conscious self-destructive self-reliant selfish sensitive sentimental serene serious sexy skillful shaky shamed shaken sheepish shocked shunned shy sick silenced silly sincere sinful slandered sluggish small smart smothered skeptical solemn snoopy soothed sorry special spirited spiteful splendid spunky squashed stifled stimulated stingy strained stretched stressed strong stubborn stumped stunned stupid stupefied submissive successful suicidal suffocated sulky sullen sunk sunny super superior supported sure surly surprised suspicious sympathetic sympathy sympathetic

tacky tactful talented talkative tame tarnished tasteful tearful teased tenacious tender tense tepid terrible terrific terrified tested testy thankful thoughtful threatened thrifty thrilled timid
tired tormented torn tortured tough tragic tranquil transformed trapped treasured trembly tremendous tricked troubled trusted

ugly unaccepted unappreciated unbalanced unbelieving uncertain

unburdened uncanny uncomfortable unconcerned understanding uneven unfit unhappy unfriendly unique united unjust unknown unneeded unpleasant upset uneasy unreal unruly unwise uplifted used useless unsure

vacant vague vain valid valued vexed vicious victimized victorious virulent violated vivid void vulnerable

wacky warlike warm warmhearted warned wary wasted wavering
weak wealthy weary weird whole wild willful wishful witty wonderful
worldly worried worse woeful worthy wounded wrathful wrong wronged

yearning yellow yielding young youthful

zany zealous

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