Emily’s Executive Admin skills enhanced our Christmases

EmilyChristmas has never been the same since Emily died. Emily was my late husband’s mother. I always wondered what it was about her that made Christmas magical.

I was reminded of one thing Emily did by a comment a reader made in response to my blog post asking what my readers do to make the holidays special. My reader tries to match the gift to the person. That’s a real skill, and it takes effort, but it makes such a difference. 

In fact, it’s the same skill Executive Admins use to really support their leaders. They see a need and fill it. 

Emily did that. I always wondered how she knew what we all needed when we sometimes didn’t know, and how she did so many other things to make Christmas so magical – while working full-time as an Executive Admin. 

And then it dawned on me. The same skills and traits that made her the kind of Executive Admin executives would give their right arms for, made her the kind of matriarch who turned Christmas into a magical event that we were blessed to experience. 

I’ll never come close to doing it up like she did. But I will always feel blessed for having experienced what Christmas was like when Emily used her love and her talents to make things happen. She remains an inspiration for enlivening the magic of the season.

This picture is from before I knew her, as homecoming queen. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it! And when you’ve got it and you share it, you have people remembering you like we all remember her so many years later. Our hearts are grateful. 


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