Completing Christmas holidays includes One Note Organization

Last summer I visited a factory called FastCap a day after a city-wide total power outage. They debriefed the experience for wins and improvements that would better prepare them for the next power outage. 

I loved what one employee said: “Let’s not waste a good crisis!”

Christmas and New Years aren’t crisises, but they are opportunities to practice and upgrade our organization skills. So this holiday season I created a One Note (a Microsoft product – Evernote is similar and free) section in my Personal One NOte folder for Christmas. The pages include what worked well, what to do differently next time, and what to buy. I’m flagging tasks for when I want to do them so they’ll show up in my Outlook tasks folder when it’s time to do them. 

I’ve known about One Note for a long time, but only started using it one I heard the excitement of one ot the admins at my admin training. It’s a fabulous tool for storing ideas so you can find them again when you’re ready for them.

And now, on the the new year!

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