Hyper-productivity isn’t always

clock running raceI have a colleague who teaches productivity. She is incredibly successful. She shared her methods for getting speaking bookings in an audio, and my joke was that just listening to what she does exhausts me. It’s all excellent advice, but that and the 224 products in her online store (really!) leave me on overwhelm. 

How fascinating that her next book is The Exhaustion Cure.

She is successful for a reason, and I wouldn’t warn away anyone who responds to her style. I just know that her kind of super-productivity overwhelms and suffocates me. I see her as a tsunami of great ideas, and I need to stand back far enough from her and her ilk that I don’t need an exhaustion cure.

I design my productivity efforts in ways that energize me. That takes more patience in the short “run,” but works best for me. 


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