A funny thing happened nine months after Bob and I married

We got married, and nine months later… I’m going through every closet and drawer and shelf and organizing and sorting and straightening and shining and adding sparkle everywhere.

Spice beforeFunny how that happened all of a sudden. Kind of a nesting thing. Hmm. 

Okay, it’s also true that after so many years of being so overbooked and also learning and teaching lean administration, I’ve been itching to “lean out” my home and my life. I was almost bursting in November when I led an online admin training and we talked about flow. I felt an urgency to live lean at a deeper level. 

after spices

And now I’m creating space and flow and systems that work for me. 

My assistant Angela and I fed each other’s yearning for space. We also shared before and after pictures. Hers were stunning to me. I’ll share my spice cabinet. I see her pictures and am ready for the next organizational challenge. She sees mine and is ready to take on another area, or “zone” of her organizational projects. Pictures communicate powerfully. 

It’s a beautiful thing!

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