The first man I ever loved

He’s the first man I ever loved. I’m getting to know him better as I try to set him up with a computer system that he can see well enough to fulfill the last of his professional desires. He’s a mathematician and he has an ambitious project that he’d like to complete.

It takes a lot of listening, learning and relating to customize a system for him. And even if the effort fails and we’re forced to accept that his computing days are over, it will have been time very well spent. It’s not a ruse, but at the same time, it kind of is. It’s an activity that allows us to get close enough to be able to share concerns and experiences as he enters his final years.

I’m talking about my dad, of course. Dad commented that my husband is being very generous to let me spend so much time with him.

I told him the truth.

  • Bob (my husband) wishes he still could visit his father, too.

He is the first man I ever loved. He needs to know how important that is. 

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