Janet Spoke Strong at her Own Funeral

Last summer I attended a family funeral that was decidedly impersonal. Another family member commented that there was nothing about the deceased in the service.

My husband and I experienced a very different funeral yesterday. Janet’s funeral wasn’t about her either: It WAS her. The entire service was in her voice. It was clearly intended to be a gift for everyone who came. And it was.

Janet had a year to plan, and plan she did. She was sure she would pass on Easter Sunday, and missed it by one hour. But Janet didn’t mind, and neither did anyone else. The last few weeks of her life were filled with love, peace, grace and joy. 

You could see the magic of it in the eyes of Janet’s close family. 

Janet Spoke Strong at her own funeral. She shared her heart, her voice, her wisdom and her love in a way we all could hear and feel. She didn’t hold back who she was in any way, and it was a gift to each of us to receive her post mortem blessing. If that isn’t Speaking Strong, what is?

Janet gifted each of us with copies of a book that inspires her. It is called “Heaven is for Real.” It sure felt real in our goodbye gathering yesterday. Her minister said Janet was always “looking for ways to love others into the Kingdom of Heaven.” She found it. Thank-you, Janet. 

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