Being Where You Are

Trigger Thumb Timing

I have been challenged this year with “trigger thumb.” Addressing it has been and continues to be a process. It took quite a while for me to even find out what my ailment is called. I visited two chiropractors, two massage therapists and two physical therapists before I found an approach that made sense to me. I am grateful that those who didn’t understand the root cause—including myself—didn’t create a permanent injury. It was clear to me that some of the exercises I tried exacerbated the situation.

Enter Sue, who explained that I have an inflamed tendon, and that the first step is to reduce the inflammation and only then to work on mobility and strength.

After the inflammation subsided, I tried a few exercises and backslid. I realized I need to be patient. I’m not at the strengthening stage yet. There is great freedom in understanding that. It keeps my focus where it needs to be. I’ll move on when I’m ready. To do anything else is counterproductive. Healing trigger thumb takes timing.

Being Where You Are

All of life unfolds in stages, and we save ourselves a lot of consternation if we recognize that. Communication skill unfolds in stages. Organization unfolds in stages. Self realization unfolds in stages. Success unfolds in stages. As tempting as it may be to skip a step, it is usually counterproductive, and will come back to bite you.

Today I’m speaking at a success conference. I could probably benefit from attending some of the sessions from other presenters. But that’s not the stage I am in. Perhaps next year. We

And that gives me the freedom to stay on track with the reflective stage that I have chosen for myself and am deepening from. Yes, it’s tempting to skip a step. But right now I trust the process…I’m immobilizing my thumb joint so the tendon can continue to heal and waiting on the exercises. I feel the freedom to pass on attending conference sessions that have value, but aren’t appropriate for the stage I am in in my own process.

You may be in a different stage than I am. What matters most is that you know that, and honor that. And that we support each other in not pushing ourselves or our lives past what we can handle with grace.

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