Simply Brilliant – and Handy

My Physical Therapist put medicine patches on my hands. Look at the picture and guess what time I can remove them!* 

handI told her I think her method is brilliant. Simply brilliant. She said she used to put the time on the handouts she sent back with people, but they would forget that the info was there, or where they put the papers. 

Not a problem with this method. I remember where my hands are – especially when I think it might be time to remove the patches. This is visual communication at the point of use. 

Where can you adapt this idea in your life? Where are you already doing this? What example of your own visual communication brilliance have you overlooked? 

*(If you read my posts in a format that excludes pictures, you can see the image by clicking on the title. That will take you to my site. And I will tell you, the picture is of my patches with this written on them: 2:00.)

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