A Good Plan is Hard to Find

“Please, just take it all!” Caroline implored. I walked away from her yard sale with hundreds of dollars’ worth of fine items, and she wouldn’t take a dime. But it wasn’t just me. She and Wally were lightening their load for a move. Their driveway and yard and garage contained box after box of unsorted tawdry trash mixed with thrilling treasure. They took great pleasure in essentially giving it all away to come who may.

“How does it feel to watch us all walk away with your stuff?” I asked.

“Like barnacles off a ship,” Caroline replied. 

They got the job done. Caroline and Wally’s decluttering plan was a good plan for them. 


“I got rid of anything and everything I haven’t used in two years,” Victoria told me. “Even if I loved it. It feels great to have it gone.” 

Unlike Caroline and Wally, Victoria sorted her stuff, applying a mechanical rule that kept her from having to think much about each piece she considered. She got the job done. Victoria’s decluttering plan was a good plan for her. 


If I had applied either one of their methods, I would have my closets cleared by now. But their plans aren’t good plans for me. If I had followed their plans, I would have missed the wealth of insights and discoveries that have come from not imposing a plan that doesn’t fit me. 

A good plan is hard to find. But it can unwind, unfold and reveal itself if you’re willing to let it. I’m experiencing a “creative closeting” breakthrough that is energizing and enlivening. More soon.

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