Taking the Strain Out

After my 93 year old father got hearing aids, everything changed. When we got up in the morning, we were quickly reminded by my first words if he had forgotten to put his hearing aids in. His whole body showed me he was straining to hear. 

His voice is softer when he speaks now. That’s because he can hear himself. With the strain to communicate reduced, our conversations have more tenderness. 

Strain inhibits. 39 years ago I learned a meditation technique – TM – which is based on effortlessness. Efforting undermines meditation effectiveness. And, I find, strain undermines effectiveness in most of life. Set up your conversations, activities, work flow and life in a way that requires minimum effort, and you actually get more done. My hubby, Bob, lives by the motto “space for grace” now, and his income is actually on the rise.

Plus he’s way more fun to live with. He’s effective and he’s gracecified. Like my 93 year old dad.

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