Get Off Your Duff

DuffI just got a new word. Duff. 

duff /duf/ Noun: Decaying vegetable matter covering the ground under trees. 

The “duff” in our yard isn’t decaying. That’s the problem – it’s drying out. It’s a fire hazard. If it were decaying, it might be fertilizer. Black Forest, Colorado is burning as I write this, largely because of how much duff there is.

Duff also is defined as: noun, the buttocks or rump, 
and: duff, noun, something worthless.

So the Waldo Canyon Fire that we narrowly escaped last year, and the Black Forrest Fire that people we know are fleeing from now, kicked me in the duff, giving me added impetus to get off my duff and clear out my duff – in my yard, home, business, heart and psyche.

It’s a big job, but I personally have the luxury of being able to do it one section at a time, since we’re currently not facing an immediate fire threat. 

City and fire officials tell us they learned a lot from the Waldo Canyon Fire last year. I know they did. And we’ll learn from this one, too. Maybe next year we’ll get serious as a community about getting off our duffs and clearing out our duff.

In the meantime, I send gratitude to those who are fighting the fire, and my prayers to those who have lost or may lose their homes. And I’m clearing out my own duff.


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