Phrase: This is a conversation I want to continue

My father brought up a touchy conversation about something that happened many, many – over 25 years – ago. It was too explosive to talk about then, but now conversations are much easier than they were. It was an opportunity for intimacy. I wanted to take it. And I kept my vendor waiting several minutes as we explored it. Then I told him,

  • This is a conversation I want to continue, and I have someone waiting for me right now.

It was, of course, the truth. It also gave me the opportunity to shift my perspective from the one that was frozen in time so many years ago. It’s a quick process now – but it’s still a process. I went from defensiveness to offense to forgiveness to embracing the opportunity to clear up old conflicts and get to know each other better now. In the past, any one of those stages could have taken me days, weeks, months or even years to move through. 

Last night we picked up where we had left off. It was sweet, sweet, sweet.

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