Flip the Flop Forward

Ben’s printer didn’t work after Welcome Home Moving and Settling In Services moved his entire home into an apartment and set everything up. It was an easy fix – they had neglected to plug it in.

That was a forgiveable error – a minor mistake. But more than that, the singular nature of that minor flaw provided a testament to what a great job they did overall. 

To a perfectionist, any mistake, or oversight, is a flaw. To the alchemist, it can be an opportunity to appreciate overall excellence. You don’t notice tiny stains in a heavily soiled table cloth. You do notice them in a very clean one. 

The exception proves the rule, and the rule here is that this company does a fabulous job. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they remember to plug printers in every time moving forward. Because they didn’t get to be that good without flipping their flops forward.

But who knows – perhaps leaving a small flaw is a strategy designed to create a contrast that highlights the overall excellence.

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