A System that Fits

I’ve centered my personal Lean2Life quest around my own experiments and discoveries. I confess: my efforts to create a solid foundation for the next phase of my life overwhelm me at times. Every time I turn around there’s one other thing that isn’t right, another piece of equipment that isn’t functioning properly, another tool I haven’t quite learned how to use.

I’ve been creating my own map because, like yours, my journey is unique. My main method has been to follow my nose, and add structure cautiously. Even establishing a target breakfast time seemed like a lot of structure for me. (That was a great move.) I work from the inside out. I decide on my methods from observation and direct experience, and give casual reference to how others do things.

But today, I experimented with an external structure that I think will serve me very well. I read Pomodoro Technique and tried working in 25 minute increments on very focused activities. And I’m liking it.

One of the things I discovered, is when I don’t have a set focus, I feel pulled in different directions. Today, I’ve noticed a powerful effect from not entertaining distractions and being single focused. Yay! Although the process of creating a foundation that flows seems daunting when considered as a whole, I’ve gotten quite a bit done from working this way. Plus, I’m feeling wonderfully adequate and grounded – which contributes to productivity.

My timer is about to run out, so I’ll wrap this post up by saying I’m liking what’s happening. But then, it’s common for people to get high on new organization and work-flow systems for a while, only to abandon them when the first blush wears off. I suspect this system is here to stay, with a few adaptations. But time will tell. And the timer just went off, so I will forgo adding a picture, and post.

I hope your holiday weekend is filled with discovery and delights like mine has been.


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