Pomodoro Post-Script Ponderings

pomodoNext day Post Script:

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s blog postFirst, every time I turn around, I discover another thing that needs fixing. Today provided another example. Yesterday’s blog post went out over the feed like it should have – but included some random past posts. I don’t need to tell you how involved my site has been and continues to be. The feed is showing you the kind of head-shaking things that keep happening.

Second: I know my writing is much better if I let my work rest, and later revisit and revise. So as I sat to edit yesterday’s post, I heard the email notification. Lo and behold, my post arrived in my inbox. So I was just a tad too late for the feed to pick up my changes. I need to hone my system to make certain my edits make it into the feed.

Third: I decided to post a photo of the book. I had two minutes on my tomato timer and I had already sized and uploaded the pic. Well, the timer went off and the picture didn’t post. It looks perfect in my window, but doesn’t show up on the blog. I thought we had fixed that problem. Who knew!

Practicing a promising new workflow method isn’t the same as instantly having all problems solved! One step at a time, Meryl. One step at a time. This is what the process looks like. 

And if there is a picture with this post, you’ll know the situation is fixed. For now anyway. 

Also, there is opportunity in kerfuffles. One of my readers noted that receiving the previously read posts with the recent one served her well. Thanks, Becky!

Can you relate to any – or all – of this?

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