The Suitcase That Blocked Bob’s Joy

His voice danced with delight. “I’ve got to tell you, since we got the overflow fridge, I’m realizing how inhibited I was by the lack of space. Now I feel free to get more food because now we have room for it.” Bob is one of those strange birds who likes grocery shopping. Now that he doesn’t have to be so concerned about crowding the fridge, he likes it even more.

Interesting…he hadn’t realized how he had held himself back until he didn’t have to anymore. 

Well, I had to wait to get the new fridge until I had made room for it, and that meant I had to move the shelves that were in the laundry room next to the kitchen where we were going to put it, and that meant I had to clear a space in my closet, and that had to wait until I sold some suitcases on eBay and that had to wait until… you get the point. 

Who knew the suitcases were depriving my dear hubby of so much shopping pleasure? Not to mention the delight I find in the newly liberated closet. Our quest to create space for grace includes one discovery after another.

This happens with communication, too. There are conversations we can’t have. We find ways to have them (sometimes with turbulence, but they happen) and we discover all the other things we hadn’t thought to say until we removed our old “baggage.”

So the moral of the story is, the secret to changing your life is to sell your suitcases on eBay. Or something like that.  

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