A Metaphorical Catastrophizer

sword 200My hubby is a metaphorical catastrophizer. He doesn’t just angst over the worst that could happen, he creates multiple metaphors to describe the depth of dispair that comes waiting with “a sword hanging over his head” for “the other shoe to drop.”

He ordered a new computer as soon as he got the clue that his current one was about to blow its hard drive. But in the meantime, the clicks and sluggishness and every indication of it’s waning health sends terror into his heart like “being in a war zone and hearing bombs drop and not knowing how far away they are.” And like “being half way out in the ocean and wondering if your boat will spring a leak.” Or like “driving a car you never know will start or not.” Of course it could stall in the intersection.

This AM the first thing he told me was about how his mind had been racing with ideas at 3 AM. I wanted to go back to bed, because I assumed he had all manner of new metaphors for me. But he didn’t. He shifted into a proactive way of looking at things. He made a list of what he could do to ensure that he could still operate his business should his computer die before its replacement was ready to rock and roll. 

And suddenly it became enjoyable for me to support him in his wet war zone car. The sword over his head didn’t seem nearly as threatening and if the other shoe dropped, he, and we, had plans that would make it easier for him, and therefore us, to deal with it. 

PS. He just came up the stairs after opening his computer and informed me, “It’s like skating on a lake of ice and you don’t know how solid it it.” Well, the metaphors continue, but the tone is very different now. Empowered.

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