A Wholesome, Healthy Hissy Fit

I had suspected Bob’s funk would be over soon after his assistant arrived. When I heard his animated voice on the phone, I knew the shift had happened.

Bob and his assistant often vent about the trials and tribulations of life and of running a business. Technology. People who don’t follow directions. Mistakes. I later learned that his assistant had arrived furious over a family member’s misdiagnosis and the new diagnosis that left him little time. The need for – and benefits of – a venting session were mutual. 

They had a healthy hissy fit. Both felt better afterwards (and the work got done). People who aren’t committed to staying mad, resentful, or seeing themselves as victims are good candidates for such an event. Some people will hold on to your hurt long after you have let it go. Those people aren’t good candidates. A healthy hissy fit is a communication practice, or kata, that can help you overcome communication obstacles. 

Bob and his assistant didn’t need me or a formal practice to have a healthy hissy fit. You might not either. But some people do. If you watch my recent SlideShare, you’ll see there is an art even to something like having a healthy hissy fit. It starts with aligning with your communication vision. That gives the foundation for the practice. 

I’m committed to living on the sunny side of life. Sometimes that requires me to dip into the darker side. I have had many a wholesome, healthy hissy fit myself, and I come out more empowered and ready to face life. That’s a good measure of the success of any practice. 

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