Stop Doing Everything and Start Getting Everything Done

Get things done 11x17 200When I helped my parents transition to assisted living, out of necessity, I made a point of focusing on arranging to get things done instead of doing everything myself. I say out of necessity, because, living a thousand miles away, I didn’t have the option of trying to do it all myself.

I wrote an article about that for Office Pro Magazine yesterday that summarized it this way: stop doing everything and start getting everything done.

It’s funny how often I quicken shifts in my own focus from my writing. I’ve been learning to do everything myself in my business in large measure to help me understand the inner workings, and to help me find and harvest the opportunities in my many years of creative output. But as I wrote about my approach to helping my parents, I realized I’m ready to shift into tapping into other resources now. In other words, I’m ready to stop doing everything and to start getting everything done in my own life and business.

Enjoy the poster, (click on it to open a download) and let me know how you make the same shift in your world. 

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