The Spirit of the Place

Dad MantleI’m just back from a week at the family lake cabin with my son – where once again I sorted and organized and created a flow where there had been clutter. 

When I told my son what I was up to, he was concerned that I might squelch the spirit of the place. My aim was to set that spirit free. And that’s what I did. 

I spent a total of $15 for the project and tossed a total of one garbage bag of trash. Mainly I moved things we seldom use – or never use that I didn’t feel authorized to toss – into deeper storage, leaving the more accessible areas for active use and display. I placed the accumulation of once-treasured rocks from fifty years of lake living in to rock gardens. I created a “tribute to tennis” display from the tennis trinkets that were mixed in everywhere. Mainly, I’d say, I created “space for grace.” 

MantleYou can see the fireplace mantle in the above picture. Now there’s room to breathe – plus I placed a lot of original cabin antiques on it in ways that honor them. It sure seemed to me the spirits of the place were smiling when I was done. I know I was.

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