Invocations Invoke

Mom2It’s another one of my guiding lights. What if every word you speak contains a conscious invocation? Think of the invocation not in a ritual sense, but instead, in a sense of speaking as much for effect as for information conveyed.

The fact is, every word we speak has a conscious, as well as, unconscious effect. When I mention how my mother communicated, I invoke images, impressions and feelings of my mother that are different from what I would invoke if I spoke of an old manager who communicated the same way. Chances are, you aren’t even conscious of the full impact of what I’ve enlivened in you. But you will still be affected by it. (You are also affected by the picture I posted of her.)

I assure you, Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins know (knew) that invocations invoke. They consciously invoke(d) something in their listener with every word (and picture).

Do you?

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