When the Tool Shapes Our Lives

limeinthecoco1Cassia has been helping me clean up my act since the beginning of the month. That’s the best way I can put it – she’s been fixing broken links, updating my books, editing and on and on. She’s been learning new software and navigating broken systems as part of helping me put my world in order. Oh my goodness, it’s heartening to believe I will have a solid foundation for the next chapter of my life and work.

Our organization and alignment is a work in progress – and so far is remarkably effective. We’re using OneNote to our advantage. Cassia took the initiative to post updates at the end of each day so I can easily see what she does. I love that she does that, and love that she initiated it.

Today we looked at an overview of my, and our, vision. Seeing that lead her to comment that posting her activities for the day influenced her to do tangible things she could check off. That’s fine so far, but now it’s time for her to spend some time learning and developing things that might not have a concrete tangible outcome for a while. 

Kudos to Cassia for recognizing how she was serving the tool instead of the other way around. We often don’t even notice we do that. Having hammers can send us looking for nails. Life is much bigger than our tools.

P.S. From Cassia: It has been so beneficial for us both to take time to realign and focus our vision together. OneNote has been a fantastic tool to help get all of the little tasks together in one place; however, it’s been so easy to get carried away in a direction that seems important but isn’t a priority to the big picture.
I believe Meryl and I have both felt, at times, as though we are facing down the mythical Hydra from the tale of Hercules.  In the story, each time Hercules cut off the head of the Hydra, two more sprung forth.  Similarly, each time we manage to check off one task from the list, we find five more in its place.  Hercules finally sought council in his cousin, Iolaus, who recommended that Hercules try something different, in order to complete the task at hand.

That’s why our Long Term vision is so important.  It’s like our own Iolaus, off in the distance saying, “Try something different! You’ll figure it out!” I’m confident that keeping our focus on the long term, will keep us from getting discouraged by the mounting challenges, enabling us to keep moving forward and finally defeat the beast.

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